Dash-B is a dream come true for me, Bridgett & my daughter, Brittany.  Dash-B started as a thought when our sweet friends & sometimes complete strangers would ask us about our clothing style quite often.  It was so funny, people would ask my daughter where her outfit was from & she would say, "Bridgett's closet" & they proceed to ask where that was located!  We have always been in love with fashion. So, we decided to start a store online. We have been on facebook for almost two years now & it has developed into a storefront.  

     Brittany & I have always had a very close relationship. My husband & I were in the military when she was born & when my husband was on deployment, it was my saving grace to not only finally have a shopping buddy, but to have a best friend!! Needless to say, we have been inseparable ever since! We love shopping & doing everything together!!! The store is just amazing & we are so excited to finally launch our little website for y'all! We hope that you have an amazing experience shopping with Dash-B! We desire to empower girls to feel beautiful on the inside & out!! 


Dash-B Girls