Bends Goat Milk Soap

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Bend Soap Company’s Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap was built for function, no frilly fragrances here. Tea tree may be a bit pungent but your confidence will skyrocket as the crisp, medicinal aroma of our tea tree soap pierces your senses and perforates your anxieties. Lather up and enjoy the instant relief this analgesic soap brings to your irritated skin as the tea tree oil gently goes to work on those invisible nuisances. (Analgesic = pain relieving. We had to look it up too.) All the while our premium goat milk effortlessly cleanses and hydrates your skin, boosting your own germ-fighting abilities by nourishing and rehabilitating damaged cells. The more soap you use the more microbes you lose. So if germs compromise your sanity, grab a bar of our Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap and go crazy.